General Introduction

Stroke, one of the cerebrovascular diseases, is a preventable and treatable disease with the right approach. Stroke is one of the most common disorders in which loss of function is experienced. This disease, which greatly reduces the quality of life, is the second most common cause of death among all diseases. Stroke; occurs with symptoms such as sudden speech disorder, weakness or numbness in one-sided arm or leg, and asymmetry on the face, especially in the mouth area.

When these symptoms of a stroke are noticed, the patient should be transported quickly and, if possible, by ambulance to the nearest health facility or, better option, to a hospital with a stroke center. Since every minute spent in this sudden onset disorder causes an increase in cell death in the brain, it requires very rapid treatment.

The most important factor in the treatment of stroke is the patient’s rapid access to treatment opportunities. Studies show that when stroke patients are treated in stroke units and stroke centers, there is a significant decrease in mortality rates and a significant increase in recovery rates of lost functions.