General Introduction

Surgical treatment of cancer diseases in female reproductive organs is treated in gynecological surgery oncology departments. We apply the most appropriate treatment options and the most appropriate surgical treatment process to our female patients diagnosed with cancer.

The most common gynecological cancers are cervical, uterine and ovarian cancers. The cervix is ​​the part of the uterus that connects the uterus to the vagina. The cellular tissue of the cervix is ​​different from the cellular tissue in the uterus.

For this reason, cervical cancers have different development and spread characteristics than uterine cancers. In our Gynecological Oncology Department, we can treat all gynecological cancers such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vulva cancer, vaginal cancer and pregnancy-related trophoblastic tumors.

How do we plan the treatment of gynecological cancers?

The laparoscopic approach is preferred in early stage endometrial and cervical cancer cases, as this approach provides faster recovery and less pain. We perform laparoscopic surgeries of gynecological cancers with high quality standards and without any problems.

Immediate diagnosis is possible because the pathologists participating in the surgery immediately evaluate the removed part (frozen section). Thanks to our high technological infrastructure, pre-operative radiology examinations are also reviewed by our surgeons and radiologists during surgery.

Post-operative treatment decisions are made in “Tumor Councils” held regularly with the participation of experts from medical oncology, radiology and pathology departments.