General Introduction

Emergency Medicine Department is a fully equipped medical department that provides timely and complete medical intervention for patients admitted to the emergency departments of group hospitals.

Laboratory and radiology departments, which ensure the efficient operation of the Emergency Service unit, work 24 hours a day and provide uninterrupted service.

Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals of our hospitals are trained to deal with critically ill patients, injury cases as well as patients with simpler health problems.

Patients admitted to our emergency services are ranked by healthcare professionals according to the importance of their condition, and physicians make medical interventions to the patients with the highest priority according to this order.

This is called the “Triage System”. This system has been defined by international accreditation and scientific organizations.

When should you go to the emergency room?

All situations that cause organ or life loss are urgent if not intervened within 24 hours. It is necessary to evaluate all the sudden onset symptoms in the state of emergency.


*If you are coughing up blood

*If you are vomiting blood

*If your stool is tar colored,

*If a severe headache has started,

*Severe sudden dizziness,

*Feeling of pressure and or pain in the chest or back,

*Left arm 4-5. sudden numbness in the fingers,

*If you have sudden shortness of breath,

*If your heart beats are irregular,

*If you have pain in any part of your body that you have not felt before.