General Introduction

Biochemistry laboratory is responsible for monitoring biochemical mechanisms in health and disease, prevention, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, prognosis of biological materials (serum, plasma, tissues and other body fluids) with chemical and molecular biological methods and appropriate analyzes (tests) and treatment.

It carries out its activities within the scope of medicine-specific laboratory science, which includes examination of organ functions, determination and application of tests, medical interpretation of results, consultation, adaptation to scientific developments and innovations, and laboratory diagnosis.

Biochemical Analysis

Analyzes made in the biochemistry laboratory are applied to investigate the causes of the symptoms that the patients have and to investigate the general health status. Biochemical analyzes include;

Hormone analysis

Metabolism analysis

RIA analysis

Urine analysis

Complete blood count

Devices in the biochemistry laboratory

It is important that the equipment used in the laboratory is modern and calibrated for accurate test results.

The devices we use in our laboratory;

ROCHE c501 Cobas 6000 series autoanalyzer

ROCHE e601 Cobas 6000 series autoanalyzer

ROCHE e411 Cobas 4000 series autoanalyzer

SYSMEX Xn-1000 SA-01 Hemogram

TCOAG brand Desting Plus Model Fully Automatic Coagulometer

STAGO brand Start 4 Model 4-Channel Semi-Automatic Coagulator

CONNECTORS Bilirubinmeter BR-501