Acıbadem Ankara Hospital - Overview

Acıbadem Hospitals Group is in the Capital

Acıbadem Ankara Hospital, one of the newest additions to Acıbadem Healthcare Group, became operational in Çankaya-Oran in 2012. Providing services to patients in Ankara and in surrounding cities, the hospital positions itself as a general-purpose hospital. The hospital has contracts with many health insurance companies.

11.000 m² of Covered Area

With a 11.000m² of covered area, Acıbadem Ankara Hospital serves with a bed capacity of 103. There are 4 surgery rooms and a neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital. In addition of standart single rooms, there are suit and king suit rooms as well as a children's play area.

Medical Technologies

Among the technology-intensive medical devices available at Acıbadem Ankara Hospital are Flash CT, Full Body MRI, 3-Dimensional Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography, 4-Dimensional Breast Ultrasound and a da Vinci robot.

Medical Units

Acıbadem Ankara Hospital provides services in many branches of medicine. Among the medical branches on which Acıbadem Ankara Hospital is focused are Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatric Health and Diseases, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ear-Nose and Throat Diseases, Urology and Radiology. The hospital also offers preventive medicine services with its Check-up Clinic. At the hospital, there are also units of Proctology, Sleep, Hair Transplantation, Oral and Dental Health, Audiology and Speech and Voice Disorders.

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