Memorial Kayseri Hospital - Overview

Memorial Healthcare Group is with the patients in Central Anatolia region with its qualified healthcare services and perfection standards.

Memorial Kayseri Hospital is positioned to provide all healthcare needs of Central Anatolia region with its patient rooms, which have modern architectural design, and living spaces as well as decent and strong academic personnels, leading expert physicians, medical personnels who combine knowledge with close interest and patient-oriented service mentality.

Pursuing Perfection in Healthcare

Memorial Kayseri Hospital, which is the 9th hospital of Memorial Healthcare Group, is placed on 11.000 square meter and gives service to its patients and patients’ visitors healthcare along with international quality and comfort with its 119 bed capacity and 5 operating room that have superior technological equipments.

Synergy Among Memorial Hospitals

PACS system creates a medical synergy among all Memorial Hospitals of Turkey by sharing cases with imaging and laboratory findings.

Kayseri IVF Center

Memorial In Vitro Fertilization services, which is accepted as a reference by world’s most countries, united with Kayseri In Vitro Fertilization Center due to its suitability in that ethics and quality standards. Kayseri Ivf Center with the brand of  Memorial, continues to stand by the families who wish to have a child.

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