İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital - Overview

Turkey is one of the biggest players in the medical tourism sector. Istanbul Cerrahi works with only the best and most experienced organizations and professionals to provide the best medical tourism experience ever.

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital provides more than medical services that you expect. Getting treated in a foreign country may sound unappealing at first glance. Contrary to popular belief that is rising in prominence, our hospital believes an ideal medical trip is not limited to your access to the best medical facilities. Our main goal is to deliver the best medical treatment in Istanbul while making your stay as pleasant as possible.

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital is determined to give best prices available in Turkey. Our customers should not pay more than others. If you have further questions about prices, feel free to get in touch with us.

What Makes Us Different?

Istanbul Cerrahi works only with the best doctors of Istanbul. Our mission is to cater for your every need during your medical visit.

We will make sure you board your plane healthy and content.

ICH is a personalized hospital for patients who are considering to travel abroad. We are a team of medical professionals, specialists and consultants, in cooperation with only the best doctors in Istanbul. Our business model revolves around three premises: Highest Quality, Best Price, 100% Satisfaction.

We are a team of professionals committed to high quality and ethics. Our past experiences with many patients from various cultures gave us the ability to see from different perspectives. According to us understanding our client’s nationality is imperative so that we can properly address the needs such as meals, language or certain customs. Our main concern is to eliminate any clouds of doubt and design every step of your medical journey.

Turkey is more than a rising force in medical tourism sector. ICH works with the most experienced professional doctors to serve you in the best possible way.

Tell us what you need, ICH is listening.

What our patients say about the hospital

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    احمد قيس Mar 03, 2020

    من الجميل ان تشعر انك في بيئة تهتم بالوقاية من الفايروس المنتشر في انحاء العالم وان تشعر بالامان من حيث النظافة و التعقيم اردت ان اشارك تجربتي معكم في هذا الامر اريد ان اشكر مستشفى جراح اسطنبول

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