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Medstar Antalya Hospital

Hospital, Antalya

Medstar Chemotherapy and Art Center in the field of chemotherapy and hospitalized patients, accompanied by an experienced art therapy team offers social activity opportunities. Through activities such as painting, music studies, theater and yoga, treatment motivations and quality of life of the patients are increased. Medstar Antalya Hospital; There are 25 intensive care beds in 18.500 m2 closed area, 162 bed capacity, 5 operating rooms, 10 heart and vascular surgery, 6 coronary and 9 general. Medstar Topçular Hospital provides services in 4600 m2 closed area with its experienced staff, modernized architecture, comfortable patient rooms, spacious polyclinic areas and 58 bed capacity.

Memorial Antalya Hospital

Hospital, Antalya

Memorial Health Group offers quality health care services in accordance with international standards of excellence at Memorial Antalya Hospital, located in Turkey's Mediterranean Region. Memorial Antalya Hospital is a world-class health care facility with internationally-recognized academic staff, specialized physicians, professional health care personnel who can combine their knowledge and experience with close attention to patient needs, patient-centered service standards, and top notch, effective patient care.

Medical Park Antalya Hospital

Hospital, Antalya

Medical Park Antalya Hospital has been striving to reach even the farthest citizens, guided by the mission 'Health for Everybody'. The hospital is providing services in 33 medical disciplines with its 84 outpatient clinic rooms, an inpatient bed capacity of 228 beds, 39 of which are located at Heart Hospital, along with 73 intensive care , 10 coronary intensive care , 7 cardiovascular surgery intensive care , 22 general intensive care , 34 neonatal intensive care beds and 10 operating theaters equipped to meet standards for organ transplant surgery.