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Koru Hospital

Hospital, Ankara

Koru Health Group has two hospitals with 132 beds, display system centre, in vitro fertilisation centre, medical college and representation in abroad and also the new hospital with 220 beds in 36.000m2 that has technological and physical features. Family model of Koru Health Group in presentation of health service Koru Health Group is going on their way with staff structure which serve properly scientifically, trustful, group working, cooperation thanks to the impact of academically model. In this sense, Koru Health Group is going on to improve and develop with staff who work in determination.

Medicana International Ankara

Hospital, Ankara

The Hospital has brought together the best medical academic staff to serve in the fields of kidney transplantation, liver transplantation and bone marrow transplantation, medical oncology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, radiation oncology, IVF, nuclear medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, ear– nose–throat, dermatology, plastic surgery, internal medicine, endocrinology, check – up, chest diseases, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, physical treatment and rehabilitation, gastroenterology, oral and dental health, emergency, radiology, medical laboratories and intensive care.

Acıbadem Ankara Hospital

Hospital, Ankara

Acıbadem Ankara Hospital provides services in many branches of medicine. Among the medical branches on which Acıbadem Ankara Hospital is focused are Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatric Health and Diseases, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ear-Nose and Throat Diseases, Urology and Radiology. The hospital also offers preventive medicine services with its Check-up Clinic. At the hospital, there are also units of Proctology, Sleep, Hair Transplantation, Oral and Dental Health, Audiology and Speech and Voice Disorders.

Baskent University Ankara Hospital

Hospital, Ankara

Our Healthcare Group ranks among the largest and most medically advanced hospital groups in Turkey also in Middle East. BAŞKENT consists of 10 university hospitals in six cities, 13 dialysis centers and 5 outpatient clinics. With its steadily increasing network, BAŞKENT reaches annually near 3 million patients, thereof around 100.000 inpatient treatments. The BAŞKENT possesses of about 1.500 beds and more than 8.500 employees. All of our hospitals are located near top tourism places of Turkey, which provides options to our patients to combine their treatment with additional travel. A strong network of hospitals, an intensive interdisciplinary knowledge exchange among employees and the immediate implementation of innovations, are the core of the BAŞKENT philosophy.

Memorial Ankara Hospital

Hospital, Ankara

Memorial Healthcare Group, shaping Turkish healthcare industry, a reference center in the international arena with its scientific and medical achievements, is now in the Capital City… Memorial Ankara Hospital serves as the healthcare base of the region with its  departments that become prominent in the world as a reference center, its academic faculty that is comprised of specialist physicians, its patient-oriented service approach, its diagnosis and treatment facilities with the most advanced medical technology in Turkey, its modern architecture and brand new healthcare approach.

Medical Park Ankara Hospital

Hospital, Ankara

Being most widespread chain of hospitals in Turkey, we are offering healthcare services, which are continuously improved based on our knowledge and experience in healthcare sector, at MedicalPark Ankara in accordance with our policy “Health for everybody". In strict concordance with our professional service approach in the healthcare sector, we are offering healthcare services in Ankara in order to provide our patients with best healthcare services in 22 thousand square meter of indoor area, 158 beds, 52 intensive care beds, 6 operating theaters and 80 outpatient clinics.