Ozan ÖZKAYA - Overview


High School: TED Zonguldak College, 1979-1986
Undergraduate/Post-graduate, School of Medicine, Uludağ University, 1986-1992
Doctorate / Medical Specialty, Pediatrics, Gazi University, 1993 - 1998
Doctorate / Medical Specialty, Nephrology, Gazi University, 1998 - 2002
Doctorate / Medical Specialty, Rheumatology, Ministry of Health, 2011


2002-2004 Assist. Prof. (Ondokuz Mayıs University)
2004-2011 Assoc. Prof. (Ondokuz Mayıs University)
2011-2014 Professor (Ondokuz Mayıs University)
2014-2015 Education Supervisor, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Teaching and Research Hospital, Turkish Public Hospitals Institution, Ministry of Health
2015-2017 Education Supervisor, Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital, Turkish Public Hospitals Institution, Ministry of Health


Urinary tract infections
Congenital anomalies of urinary system (Vesicoureteral reflux, hydronephrosis, Ureteropelvic stricture etc.)
Renal Parenchymal Diseases
Glomerular Diseases (Acute and chronic glomerulonephiritis, nephrotic syndromes)
Tubulointerstitial Diseases (Inherited Renal Diseases, Bartter Syndrome etc.)
Cystic diseases of kidney (congenital or acquired)
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis 
Familial Mediterranean Fever 
Connective tissue diseases (SLE, dermatomyositis, scleroderma etc.)


Academic Olympics: World’s Number 7 Angiotensin reseptor gene polimorphism and acute renal failure in babies with RDS.1st meeting of Union of Neonatal Perinatal Societies (UNEPS), 2008, Kasım, Roma
First Prize, Verbal Presentation. Is Nt-proBNP a reliable source for evaluating body fluid status in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease? 9. National Pediatric Nephrology Congress. 24-27 November, 2016
First Prize, Verbal Presentation. Place of bioelectricity impedance analysis, measurement of radius of vena cava inferior and NT-proBNP when identifying body fluid volume in pediatric patients with nephrotic syndrome. 8. National Pediatric Nephrology Congress October 29 – November 1, 2016.
Young Researcher Prize, 3rd National Pediatric Nephrology Congress. Vitamin D Receptor Gene polymorphism in patients with hypercalciuria, 3rd pediatric Nephrology Congress, Antalya, October 10-13, 2002 
15th National Nuclear Medicine Congress, Prof Suphi Artunkal, M.D encouragement award. Tc-99M MAG3 clearance in Children: Comparison of blood specimen and gamma camera evaluation methods. 16th Nuclear Medicine Congress, May 10-14, 2013, Samsun 
Fresenius Medical Care Best research 2nd prize, Effects of plasminogen activator inhibitor, Basic Fibroblast growth factor, Collagen-3 , cancer antigen 125 in occurrence of peritoneal fibrosis during outpatient peritoneal dialysis. 17th National Nephrology Hypertension, Dialysis and Transplantation Congress, June 5-8, 2000  
Organ Transplantation Organizations Coordination Society, Best Research 2nd prize, Angiotensinogen and angiotensin type 1 receptor gene polymorphisms can be determinant for chronic allograft dysfunction. 19. National Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis and Transplantation Congress, Antalya, 2002

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