Mehmet HABERAL - Overview

Since its inception, the Haberal Education Foundation has provided free scholarships to 5000 students. In addition, it has provided the scholarship students with the opportunity to work together with education and provided support in national and international fields.

He was elected a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).

1987 Founder and President of the Middle East Transplant Society.

1988 in Istanbul, the first time organized the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Burn Congress in Turkey.

November 2-4 organized the first Middle East Organ Transplantation Congress in Ankara.

December 8, from cadavers in Turkey and the region made the first successful liver transplant.

1990 to October, Turkey Organ Transplant Association was Founder and President.

Mar 15, Turkey, which is a first in Europe and the region, carried out a partial liver transplant from a live children.

On April 24, for the first time in the world, a Turkish and Muslim scientist performed a partial liver transplant from an adult.

1992 On May 16, for the first time in the world, a Turkish and Muslim scientist performed partial liver and kidney transplantation from the same living donor.

 He became a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

 Organ Transplantation and Burn Treatment Foundation of Turkey in 1993 and founded the Capital University with Haberal Education Foundation.

University, 11 faculties (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Health Sciences, Communication, Dentistry, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture and Education), 7 institutes (Organ Transplantation and Genetics, Science) , Educational Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Burns, Fire and Natural Disasters, European Union and International Relations) and 5 Vocational Schools and English Preparatory School.

He opened Başkent University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center in Ankara.

1994 On September 3, Zübeyde Hanım Research and Application Center was opened in Başkent University.

Burns and Fire Disasters in 1995 founded the Association in Turkey.

Yalova in 1998, opened its first dialysis center providing services in rural areas in Turkey.

 June, Adana Başkent University Hospital opened.

 He founded the Middle East Burn and Fire Disasters Association.

 1999 In Ankara, Başkent University opened Ayşeabla Schools.

2000 July: Opened the Başkent University Hospital in Alanya.

August, the World Transplant Association congress in Rome in Turkey and because of his contribution to the development of organ transplantation in Turkey and the Muslim world for the first time as a scientist "MEDAL OF MILLENNIUM" was given.
November 20, new Başkent University Hospital in Ankara

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