Yıldıray GENÇ - Overview


1992-1998 İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine

Field of Specialities

Arthroscopic procedures 
Joint Replacement Procedures
Revision Joint Surgery
Soft tissue repair
Sport injuries
Congenital disorders

 Work Experience

  Umut Hospital
  Avrupa Şafak Hospital
  Balat Hospital
  Medical Park Hospital
  Fethiye Letoon Hastanesi
  Haseki Training and Research Hospital
  İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital

Association and Organization Memberships

 Turkish Orthopaedic Association

Publications and Papers

∙ International

1.    Genc Y, Korkmaz O, Seker A, Kara A. Clinical outcomes of arthroscopic rotator cuff surgey over-55 years of age patients with and without biceps tenotomy Medicina Sportiva (2017), vol. XIII, no 2, 2905-2910 Journal of the Romanian Sports Medicine Society
2.    Korkmaz O, Genc Y, Cimen O, Oltulu I, Gulabi D, Cecen G.S. Effect of Patellar Resurfacing on Clinical Outcomes, Range of Knee Motion and Anterior Knee Pain in Patients 

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