Ear, Nose & Throad


Medical School Hacettepe University
Expertise Hacettepe University
Associate Professor Marmara University
Professor Marmara University


After graduating from Hacettepe University, he completed his specialty education in Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine, Department of Otorhinolaryngology. He was later accepted to Marmara University Faculty of Medicine. He has been working as a Professor at the same university since 1999 and as the Head of the Department since 2015. Since 1997 I have been continuing my practice doctor.
2013-2015 Pediatric Cochlear Implantation European Term President
2015- Pediatric Cochlear Implantation Europe Board Member
2015- Marmara University Head of ENT Department
2014- Academic Hospital Board Member
2009-2013 Hearing Impaired Federation President
2007- Active Member of Politzer Society
2005 First Implanted Hearing Aids in Turkey
2006- International Global Live Broadcast Surgeon
2004- Member of the European Academy of Otology-Neurootology
1995- First Pediatric Cochlear Implant Surgery in Turkey

Surgical Experience:

Since 1995, he has gained more than 3,000 successful cochlear implant surgeries and a total of over 50,000 surgeries.
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Treatment and Surgery Statistics

  • Hearing Disorders 16258 (%30)
  • Other All 13258 (%25)
  • Septum Deviation (Septoplasty) 12354 (%23)
  • Skull Base Surgery 8568 (%16)
  • Cochlear Implant 3500 (%6)
Total Treatmnets and Surgerys



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