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Berrin TOKSÜ - Overview


1979 Robert College
1983 Internship - Arrixaca Hospital, Murcia, Spain,opthamology,(plastic surgery and cardiovasculer surgery) Department of Medical Examinations
1985 Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine
1990-1992 Semmelweis Hospital, Budapest, Hungary Departmant of Opthalmology
1992-1996 İstanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital Eye Clinic, İstanbul

Work experiences

1985: Biopharma -Medical Agent
1986-1990: Gölcük and Yalvaç State Hospital
1990-1992: Semmelweis Hospital Eye Clinic, Budapest, Hungary
1992-1996: İstanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital Eye Clinic, İstanbul
1996-1997: Turkish Diabetes Society Diabetes Hospital Eye Clinic
1997-2002: Eye Nurunu Koruma Vakfı Bayrampaşa Eye Hospital
2002: Istanbul Surgery Hospital Eye Clinic
2005: International Master's Program in Medical Physics (University of Mannheim, Germany), Distinction in vision Science / Biomedical Optics Option

Fields of Experience

General ophthalmological examination,
Cataract and Refractive Surgery: Lasik, Lasek, supracore, Phacic iol, ICL, over 25,000
Cataract surgery over 7000
Monofocal, multifocal, trifocal, toric iol, pediatric cataract
I Ptergi, chalazia
Suture iol, Artisan
Oil laser iridotomy, capsulotomy
Contact lens
Keratoconus; intracorneal rings, Collagen Cross-linking
Medical Retina
Retinal diseases examination and medical treatment
Argon laser photocoagulation
FFA, IGG, OCT, Vitreous injections

National Courses:

1989 Certificate in Work Place Medicine
1991 25th National Congress, Istanbul
1993 27th National Congress
1993 Uludağ is the 18th Winter Symposium in Ophthalmology Laser
1994 28th National Congress
1994 14th National Convention Contact Lens Course
1995 2nd Vakif Guraba Eye Congress
1996 16th National Strabismus Course
1996 Alcon device training
1997 Diabetes and Eye Izmir 10th Summer Symposium
National ophthalmology course 1997
1998 18th NationalOpthalmology vitreoretinal surgery course
1999 ISRS Refractive Surgery Training Course
2001 TOD 33. National ophthalmology course Ephesus, Izmir
2002 Istanbul Retina Institute photodynamic laser course
Alcon skbm course 2002
2002 Uludag ophthalmology days
2002 Ankara 36th National Ophthalmology Congress
2004 ictacs course
2004 ISRS lasik course
2006 Yeditepe University Medical Hypnosis Course
2007 ISRS / AAO Official refractive surgery course, Istanbul
2010 Tod 33. National Ophthalmology Spring Symposium
2011 Istanbul Retina 2. Oct club and 1. Vitrectomy club
2014 istanbul Retina oct club
2018 istanbul Retina oct club

International   Meetings:

1996 AAO Meeting, Chicago
1996 AAO Glaucoma Course CHICAGO
1996 AAO Vitreoretinal Course
1997 AAO Meeting, San Francisco
1998 AAO Meeting, New Orleans
2000 AAO meeting, Dallas
2003 Escrs 21. Congress munich, germany
2004 Escrs 22nd Congress paris, france
2004 ASCRS meeting in SanDiego, California
2004 13th Afroasian Congress of Ophthalmology
2005 ESCRS 23. Congress Lisbon, Portugal
2005 AAO Meeting, Chicago
2006 ASCRS meeting, SanFransisco
2006 Isrs / AAO International Refractive Surgery: Arts and Science, Istanbul
2006 Wavelight user meeting Vienna
2007 Isrs official refractive surgery course
2007 Meaco 9. international congress of the middle east african Council of opthalmology, Dubai, U.A.E
2009 Escrs 27. Congress Barcelona, Spain
2009 Soe, Amsterdam, Holland


2004 Intacs (Lasermed) icl (lasermed)
1999, 2004, 2007 Isrs refractive surgery course

Membership of Associations and İnstitutions :


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