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She was born on November 17, 1970 in Rize. After completing her primary, secondary and high school education in 1987, she entered to the 19 Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine in 1987 and graduated in 1993.

After working at Uşak Banaz Health Center, Kahramanmaraş Mother and Child Health and Samsun Taflan Health Center, he worked in the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, 19 Mayıs University .

In 1997, she started working at İstanbul Göztepe Training and Research Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, and completed her residency in January 2002.

She was appointed to Rize SSK Hospital (later changed to 82-Year State Hospital) upon his own request, worked here for 4.5 years and then served in Rize Sar Hospital for 1 year.

1 month, Ege University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. She attended Gynecological Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Courses with Fatih Şendağ.

She worked at Kadıköy Acıbadem Hospital between 2009-2018.

Now continues to service in their private office.


M.D Surgeon Gül Telci is a member of TJOD and JED associations.

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