With quality healthcare institutions and professional physician staff


Our most important priority is that you can easily access the health service you need and remove any questions in your mind before treatment.

For individuals who do not have any complaints, the detection of hidden problems that may lead to future disease and taking preventive measures saves lives.

We are at your side for reshaping various structures on the body, removing serious tissue losses and all kinds of aesthetic interventions. It is everyone’s right to look beautiful.

With the diagnosis of developmental or acquired disorders in dental tissues and with the most up-to-date treatment methods, we regain the lost function and aesthetics of the teeth. Diagnosis of developmental or subsequent disorders in dental tissues and regain the lost function and aesthetics of the teeth with the most up-to-date treatment methods.

The first step of correct treatment is correct diagnosis. Today, one of the most important elements required for the correct diagnosis of diseases is medical imaging devices and techniques.

Hair loss is a very common problem especially in men and negatively affects the quality of life of people. Get rid of this problem completely with an experienced and expert team.

Let your dreams come true with IVF treatment (the process of bringing together reproductive cells in a laboratory environment) applied to couples who cannot have children naturally.

In TMC, which serves with a comprehensive understanding in the field of spinal health, the diagnosis and treatment process of the patient is carried out by the council consisting of neurosurgery, orthopedics and physical therapy physicians.

In the field of oncology, TMC works with healthcare institutions where a multidisciplinary treatment approach can be applied under a single roof, recent developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment are closely monitored and treatment methods are applied.

Our Contracted Institutions